Beavan Masango


Beavan Masango

Nurse Practitioner

Beavan Masango is an experienced Nurse Practitioner who graduated in 2012 from Deakin University. He has endorsements in Primary General Practice and care of older and Aged Care patients.

Beavan works in a team arrangement in the practice namely by
assessing health status and ordering diagnostic and pathology tests and interpreting these results ..

He also provides health education, develops care plans including alternatives, disease prognosis, diagnosis and treatment options. Prescriptions and medical certificates as well as home visits can be provided by Beavan. He is also familiar with general and travel immunization requirements.

"Liz Kinnersley joins DIMC on Tuesdays. Liz is an experienced practitioner and will be working as a Nurse Practitioner as well as a qualified Diabetic educator.”