Integrative Medical Consultations

These generally take > 40 min and looks at the holistic health of a person including the physical, psychological, nutritional.
Environmental and spiritual health of a person.
It is a comprehensive appointment involving history, examination and organization of relevant investigations and referrals.
It is privately billed, but with a gap fee of $50 for those with a valid medicare card.

Mental health

Lara’s consultations are provided in a welcoming and safe space where clients feel comfortable to discuss what is on their minds.
Lara takes a client centered and collaborative approach to therapy and will therefore never ask clients to disclose any information that they are not willing to share.
Lara emphasizes confidentiality and her duty of care to her clients using compassion and professionalism.

Nutrition and Gut Helath

Initial consultations are extended to 45 mins and during this we assess your background medical history as well as taking measurements such as weight, body mass index and waist measurement.
We record and assess your current nutritional intake forming a nutritional plan personalized to your health goals.
Follow up consultations involve examining changes to body measurements and evaluating success to current diet strategy.
On request an exercise programme can also be added to expedite weight loss

Ayurvedic Medicine & Apothecary

During the consultation of 45- 60 minutes Vanita will focus on diet, lifestyle and eating habits.
This will establish the root cause of illness with her main focus on gut, mental health and general wellbeing.
This involves history taking, pulse and tongue analysis Vanita is able to advise and supply herbal and other supplements as well as refer on for traditional Ayurvedic Marma massage and oil therapies.
Her main area of illness lies in chronic long term illnesses using a holistic preventative approach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

During an initial consultation Simon will listen to your concerns, then use in-depth Questioning.
He will use tongue and pulse examination to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan using the following Therapies:

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Gua Sha

Tui Na massage
Diet/lifestyle advice

Please allow 60-75mins for an initial consultation, and 45-60mins for a follow-up

Coming soon

Tina our qualified masseur is now offering a 1 hr introductory relaxation massage for only $45
This is a fantastic opportunity to finetune your body for Spring and will benefit anyone with stress issues, chronic pain or arthritis as well as those needing to keep up with the current frenetic pace of life.

We all welcome Beavan our Nurse practitioner who will be assisting Dr Daly in providing primary care who has extensive experience in General Practice and Aged Care and will commence late September /early November


After the success of the recent Mens workshop Dr Matthew Daly is now offering a comprehensive 40 minute appointment that looks in depth at the variety of issues that affects mens health.This will be bulk billed for the first 20 men who book this appointment.

"Beaven our nurse practitioner is currently asssisting Dr Daly in doing annual health assessments for 40-49 yo and those over 75yo-these generally take 45 min, are bulk billed and are organised either on line or by phoning the clinic for more information.They are done on Thursday afternoon/ evenings "