Integrative Medical Consultations

These generally take >50 mins and look at the physical, psychological, nutritional/ dietary and sleep health of an individual. It is a comprehensive appointment involving history taking, genetic risk, examination, oganisation of standard and integrative pathology investigations and a plan to move forward. Identification of the cause of disease is paramount in particular studying the gut health of the individual

Mental health

Lara’s consultations are provided in a welcoming and safe place where clients are able to feel comfortable. Lara takes a client centered and collaborative approach to therapy refraining from asking clients to disclose information they feel too sensitive to disclose.

Home visits

Dr Matthew Daly is commited to see patients unable to attend the surgery in person but preference is for frail, elderly and recently hospitalised patients. These appointments are bulk billed and are arranged through reception.

Nutrition and Gut Health

Initial consultations with Mike are extended to 40 min and background medical information and measurements are collated. A current nutritional intake is taken to form a personalised nutritional plan. Follow up appointments examine response to therapy, evaluating success to current diet therapy. On request an exercise programme can be added to expedite health goals particularly in overweight patients.

Ayurvedic Medicine & Apothecary

During the consultation of 45- 60 minutes Vanita will focus on diet, lifestyle and eating habits.
This will establish the root cause of illness with her main focus on gut, mental health and general wellbeing.
This involves history taking, pulse and tongue analysis Vanita is able to advise and supply herbal and other supplements as well as refer on for traditional Ayurvedic Marma massage and oil therapies.
Her main area of illness lies in chronic long term illnesses using a holistic preventative approach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An initial assessment with Simon involves history taking as well as pulse and tongue examination. Diagnosis and a treatment plan will then follow. Please allow 60-70 minutes for an initial and 40-60 minutes for a follow up consultation Therapies that can be used include

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Gua Sha

Tui Na Massage
Diet/ lifestyle advice

Coming soon

DIMC now offers Iron infusions for  persistent iron deficiency sufferers  and continues to offer Healthy heart checks for those over 45y.o. Please check with reception staff for details on  any costs or preparation needed.

Forest therapy with an allied health professional Forest therapist Leesa Nash -If you are currently struggling with stress/anxiety/depression or fatigue then why not try forest therapy
Please see link for program of walks for 2021:


Due to increased cases the clinic has moved to primarily a telehealth module of practising. Limited face to face consultation will be available but patients requesting this must have commenced vaccination by 16th October. Patients unvaccinated may be seen by the Practice Nurse in our isolation area. Still enquiring as to vaccine?-please enrol in this webinar