Simon Murray

Acupuncturist Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Simon Murray

I began my journey to healthcare through traditional Martial Arts. This led to Tai Chi and Qigong (which I now teach), then to long-term study with a renowned Qigong and Chinese Medicine Master. The next logical step was a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) degree, completed at the Southern School of Natural Medicine.

Since completing my degree, I have gone on to regularly study, research and up-skill, in order to keep evolving my abilities to help clients. I am registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.


Central to the philosophy and practice of all aspects of Chinese Medicine is an understanding of Qi (“chee”), nature’s intrinsic energy. In cases of pathology, therapeutic practices are employed to regulate, move, drain or tonify this energy, depending on the individual diagnosis. It is this individualization which results in Chinese Medicine’s broad application and efficacy, and thus many conditions can be addressed with Chinese Medicine, including
  • Digestive problems
  • Menstruation/fertility issues
  • Muscular/skeletal ailments
  • Mental/emotional disharmony
  • Sleep disorders
  • Immunity and allergies
  • General health maintenance/prevention

Depending on your condition, one or more of the various therapeutic modalities may be applied:

  • Acupuncture, in which very fine needles are inserted beneath the skin at specific points
  • Herbal Medicine, in which natural substances are ingested to redress imbalances
  • Cupping, in which vacuum is applied at the skin’s surface for a therapeutic effect
  • Gua Sha massage, in which scraping/rubbing motions on the skin release tightness and stagnation
  • Diet/Lifestyle advice

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have, though you should be aware that a proper diagnosis and prognosis are only available after an in-depth consultation. Please allow at least 1 hr for initial consultations, and 45-60 minutes for follow-up sessions.


 "Happy Easter and just a reminder that Flu vaccination should now commence for at risk groups including those with chronic illness .under 5yo and over 65yo. Pneumonia,Shingles and Whooping cough vaccination can also be discussed"